Friday, March 19, 2010

Fall Break: October 09

We had a great fall break this past October, 2009 when we flew to Cancun and stayed 3 nights in Playa Del Carmen and two nights in Cancun. The trip was with my gorgeous wife and our three youngest sons, Taylor, Morgan and Jaden. We saw the ruins of Tulum, the ruins of Coba, went para sailing, a first for all of us, spent the day at Xcaret, that magical aqua-archeological park. The two underground rivers were awesome and the night show was amazing. We also took the Jungle Tour on our two passenger speed boats in the lagoon between Cancun and the Caribbean, and swam in a magnificent cenote, a large underground cave full of water and limestone formations. We enjoyed perfect weather and great food. We swam and played for hours and stayed in two spectacular hotels. We felt bad that only 3 children were available to go with us, but then the older ones have already had plenty of fun. On our way home

we spent the day with Becky and DJ Morgan in Houston and got to see our great Sowards' relatives in Texas, the Houston Space Museum, and had a great Mexican dinner at Pappasitos, probably Livi's favorite place. It was a wonderful trip with great memories spent with family and the wonders of the Yucatan.

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