Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter activities

We thought we would post some pictures of our winter activities: Taylor and Nathan with dates at the Christmas dance: Nate's Morp (girl's choice dance), Dallin's giant snowman, and some other fun events. Our kids are busy and bring us joy. Michelle's Birthday; Trip to Las Vegas Bowl, and Triple date and dinner

Nathan and Mr Springville

Nathan spent the week in the high school's "Mr. Springville" contest, a talent contest for the senior boys. After making the first cut, the young men have to immerse themselves in daily contests and creativity. Each day had a different activity; poster day, homemade t shirt day, costume day, leg day followed by the final night where the boys did talent, swim suit, dance, interview and tuxedo escort. When last night was over, he came in 2d, the first runner up. We thought he won, but were sure proud of his efforts. It was a great night to be a parent. Michelle, Dallin and Hailey all helped him with their talents. I am attaching a few photos of his night, including the winning poster and a video of a small part of his dancing. He won first for poster, first for costume, and took third in t shirt and third in best legs.

The rest of us are doing more boring activities. Hailey and Dallin returned to school with busy schedules, Landon was made a senior companion in his area and is doing great. Taylor is playing basketball and skiing with Jaden. Morgan is working hard in school and playing the piano. We are all well. Kevin was released from teaching institute after 2 1/2 years and will miss the opportunity. We have enjoyed having Kevin's nephew and niece an their two girls with us for the last 10 days while they are between homes. It is fun to have babies around us again. They sure are easy to love.