Sunday, November 16, 2008

16 Nov 08

Howdy, All are well. We don't have any more kids or grandkids and compared to many of our friends, we are way behind, but we will catch up. We have been busy with leaves and Nathan's play and Morgan and Jaden's merit badge pow wow. Our two youngest got three merit badges with our help. Taylor barely missed out on making the sophomore bkb team, but is planning to play city league. Nate has been in the high school's musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie." He plays one of the Chinese kinappers. It is a great production with dozens of participants and dozens of muscians. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our home in 10 days and should have a great time. Landon is having great success in NY and has been teaching and has two baptisms scheduled. Dallin was in the musical production of the Snow Institute, "LD Singers." He performed 11 times over the last three days. It was great to see him perform. We are attaching a few seconds of their work and a picture or two. See you soon. Kevin and Michelle

Sunday, November 9, 2008

kauai and November 08

We had a perfect time in Kauai. I was able to play the Prince Course three times and Popui Bay Course once. Mom took the catamaran with the Caywoods and Mary Ellen and had a great time going down the Na Pali Coast. She saw several dolphins. We kayaked, went to marvelous beaches, saw the Grand Canyon of Hawaii, ate well, went on a gorgeous ATV 3 hour ride and enjoyed the 2-3 a.m rooster crows outside our condominium every morning. We were convinced the rooster, who had a brood of hens, was on Utah time and not 4 hours earlier in Kauai. He woke us up every morning hours before we wanted to be awake. Here we are at Barking Sands Beach. I am the skinny one.

We are doing well here. The 4 boys at home are all on the honor roll this first term and we are working hard every Saturday raking, piling, and processing leaves. The fall leaves work is in full scale production; from Halloween until the first weekend of December, we have at least one overflowing trailer full of green and brown waste to take to the green plant in Springville. We hired Lorenzo's son and grandson to help us yesterday. We filled the trailer twice. We spent 6 hours and had a lot of complaining, but had T Bone Chinese food to end the day. Lorenzo's son, Miguel, has started taking the missionary lessons from the Spanish elders after mom sent his name to the missionary department during the Hill Cumorah weeks.

Dallin has been home from Snow College an average of every two weeks. He is doing well in school and having a great time there. Ashley is enjoying her new life in Idaho.
I marvel at how the Lord has blessed Landon in his first area: regular teaching, a good companion, faithful, charitable and generous members, new converts, several serious investigators, and the chance to read the scriptures. I can't imagine anything better for a first area. He has gained 15 pounds which means he better go back to eating Raimen noodles and work out on P day. Hailey is loving Jerusalem so much that she never writes us. She said if it wasn't for her family, she would live there. Thanks a lot Hailey.

Love, us